Kaveh Etemad-Moghadam


Born Christmas of 1972,  in Teheran, Iran.  At age 13 Kaveh was sent to a boarding school in south of France,  where he learned the art of black and white photography and began shooting and printing his own photos.


Flash forward to 1987. He moved to Los Angeles from Iran and continued his photography by taking classes at Santa Monica College. There he learned about the velvia film, a very sharp slide film. It became his favorite 35mm film.


Early 1990's Kaveh attended Sci-Arc, an architecture school in Los Angeles. He studied architecture while keeping active shooting models and music events.


In the early 2000's Kaveh transitioned into becoming a professional photographer. Shooting great actors and models such as Johnny Depp. His knowledge of architecture gives him a unique perspective which you see. in his photographs. He excels at all kinds of photography, music productiion as well as videography.




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